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Michelle is a performing musician, composer, and music-book author based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether performing her own compositions or her arrangements of standards, Michelle honors the roots of  jazz, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban music while adding a new voice. Her latest CD, New Beginning (April 2013), has garnered favorable press as well as worldwide airplay on around 200 satellite, public, and college radio stations, plus made JazzWeek's chart for "Top Adds" (among the CDs most added to playlists of chart-reporting radio stations). It was also recently up for Grammy consideration for "Best Latin Jazz Album." Michelle particularly draws inspiration from the small, piano-centric combos of Michel Camilo, Hilton Ruiz, and McCoy Tyner in her latest release.

New: Michelle's CD has landed on "Best of 2013" lists.

Michelle and her band are able to play to the appropriate energy of many venues, from the quieter restaurant environments to the vibrant stage of an outdoor jazz festival. (Check the band's schedule.) Michelle’s band often plays as a trio, but her music as well as arrangements allow for the trio to expand to include a soloist as well as additional percussion; contact Michelle to inquire about booking. You and your audience will be glad you did!

"Pollace’s music overflows with a strong artistic command, an authentic connection to the source material, and an infectious sense of cool...." -- by Chip Boaz, Latin Jazz Corner, April 2013

"Nice! Excellent CD." -- Mark Levine, Latin-jazz pianist/composer ("Linda Chicana") and author of The Jazz Piano Book, and Jazz Theory Book, on Michelle’s latest CD, "New Beginning"

"Pollace brings the Latin to the jazz and creates wonderful cocktail jazz that is a gasser. ... it's clear Pollace is a real player but has no qualms about being an entertainer ..."
-- Chris Spector, MidWest Record, April 2013


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