CD/Book Set: Musicreation

Michelle Pollace

Musicreation: unleash your musical creativity! 

Reviewer Evan Haga praises Musicreation's "smooth flow, attractive design, and manageable teachings" in JazzTimes' 2004-05 Jazz Education Guide!

Musicreation: A practical approach - $15.97 + tax (ISBN#09741870-1-1)

Musicreation is a book/CD set that lets you be creative -- and have fun -- while learning the building blocks of music. In fact, users are improvising right from the first lesson. The method is suitable for learning on your own, or with a teacher. The key is that the method is highly interactive, with exercises that familiarize you with concepts by letting you play.

Musicreation gives you the tools to learn to improvise over existing songs, or to create your own songs. The concepts taught apply to rock, pop, country, blues, jazz, and other genres. Regardless of how far along you want to go in the book, you will find the instruction to be interactive, logical, and practical, so you can apply your knowledge in real life. Check out the table of contents.

Musicreation users have:

  • tested out of college-level theory basics while still in high school;
  • learned a crash-course in improvising to play at Stanford’s Jazz Camp;
  • won Greg Kihn’s “Battle of the Classic Rock Bands” on 98.5 FM (San Jose, CA) in the high-school division; and
  • enrolled at the prestigious Berklee College of Music to study jazz guitar.   

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