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Michelle Pollace

Michelle Pollace

Welcome to my blog, and thank you for reading my “Maiden Voyage” post. My goal is to curate and invent content that entertains you and maybe even enlightens you! 🙂 Jazz, the creative process, suburban farm-to-table (I’m an avid gardener), these are a few of my favorite things …

Some of you already know I actively post on my Facebook page and Twitter about famous musicians’ birthdays, as well as quotes from them that I find inspiring or amusing. I will use this blog space to further reflect on some of these pearls of wisdom, the ones that are particularly germane to my own creative process and/or philosophy.

I also like to garden. And eat. And specifically, tend to a garden of things I can eat. I am blessed with a beautiful garden featuring not only raised beds where I grow fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables, but a veritable orchard of fruit trees that provide a bounty of fresh, organic produce year-round. My garden is a pretty good size by San Francisco Bay Area suburban standards, but by no means is it huge. So, I hope to offer tips on how to care for plants, how to harvest and store the fruits of your labor (I’ll try to keep puns to a minimum, promise), and share some of my favorite recipes and uses for various fruits and veggies.

A lesser-known fact about me is that I used to run an editorial business. One of my clients was Sunset Magazine … so, I’ve had more than a casual exposure to some of the best gardening and cooking information I feel is out there. I pored over copy every month in that publication’s production stage for the better part of 10 years. How could my experiences working for the West’s largest and longest-running lifestyle publication NOT influence at least some of my subject matter here? I loved my time working with Sunset.

I also love music … if you’ve found your way here, you probably know me as a musician. My main website has tons of info, music samples, video clips, and photos for you to peruse regarding my music. I figure I don’t need to spend too much of this introduction here regurgitating info that already accessible at the top and bottom of this and every page of my site. 🙂

Well, thanks for reading, and I’ll be posting something again in a couple weeks! Every other Wednesday, that’s the goal. Till then, keep swingin’, siempre en clave, dig it!

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      Thanks, Ron! I have next month’s entry planned … I think you will find it interesting given your familiarity with the project I was in before this. 🙂

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